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AS/400 Products

Cyberaid has extensive experience in the IBM AS/400 platform, and over the last fifteen years our R&D people have developed a range of native HR software products which mirror those we offer in the Windows TeamTrak range. We are the largest HR/Payroll suppliers to the AS/400 market in the UK, with a user base spread from Plymouth to Inverness, and across a diverse mix of company types and sizes. Couple this with first-class training and support services and you have an unbeatable combination - that's why customers who installed our system in the early eighties are still with us today.

Products for the AS/400 platform are marketed under the CyBIS banner. They are infinitely scalable, and whatever you install on one model of AS/400 can run equally happily on another*.

Whilst the differences in hardware preclude a precise match, CyBIS and TeamTrak are functionally very similar, and are operated in the same way, so for a list of the major functions in each CyBIS module, click on the appropriate TeamTrak link below. Introductory booklets are also available from our Sales Support page.



TeamTrak/Training & Recruitment

TeamTrak/Time & Attendance

There are also additional modules for the CyBIS range to increase functionality in these areas:

Payroll - Absence Recording, Enhanced BACS, P11D Expenses, Spreadsheet Upload, Data Extract.

Personnel - Employee Self-service Kiosk, Data Extract, Organisation Charting, Spinal Columns.

* RISC models only

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